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Books by Carona Davis-Diop with more titles and authors coming soon under the Diop Publishing title.

Author - Carona Davis-Diop

Author, Award Winning Filmmaker, Producer, Podcast Host and Editor-N-Chief of SPLIT/SCREEN Magazine

Carona Davis-Diop, a prolific author with a literary portfolio that spans across drama, horror, and children’s genres. With four compelling works to her name, Carona has proven herself as a versatile storyteller, captivating readers across diverse themes and emotions.


Currently calling Hunterdon County New Jersey her home, Carona now leads her own production company in Flemington, NJ by the name of Diop Productions LLC. Her studio is where all of the literary and visual magic happens.

Carona’s writing transcends genres, each book revealing a new facet of her storytelling prowess.

the opening



Welcome to Diop Publishing, home of The Opening, a supernatural horror novel written by Carona Davis-Diop. The story is set in a small town in New Jersey and features a female protagonist pursued by angels and jinn who crave her supernatural powers.  Film based on the novel to be released in 2024. 



Diop Publishing is proud to present our latest murder mystery novel, co-written by  authors Carona Davis-Diop and Shondranette Boykins. Get ready for a thrilling ride full of twists and turns as you follow our protagonist through a web of lies and deceit. The character doesn't know who to trust, making for an engaging and suspenseful read from start to finish.

Love me Cover _edited.jpg



At Diop Publishing, our mission is to empower children to become their best selves through self-love and self-awareness. Our latest children's book, written by author and filmmaker Carona Davis-Diop, highlights the many uses of the words 'I love.' We believe that self-love is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life, and that all children should be introduced to this concept at an early age. Our book is a tool to help parents and caregivers teach children the importance of loving oneself and spreading love to others.


Coming Soon

When I Use My Imagination

At Diop Publishing, we take pride in producing children's books that inspire imagination and creativity. Our latest release, “When You Use Your Imagination” written by Carona Davis-Diop, is a perfect example of our philosophy. This book encourages young readers to explore the beauty of the world through their own unique lens and to dream big.

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